Styling Polymer with Tailored Stiffness

Noveon Consumer Specialties, a subsidiary of the Lubrizol Corp., has developed a styling polymer to allow the formulator to tailor the stiffness of the product without significantly changing its viscosity or flow characteristics. Fixate Freestyle (Proposed INCI : Acrylates Crosspolymer-X) is said to allow hair gels to exhibit short flow, excellent pickup, air bubble suspension, high clarity and a smooth gel appearance, making them suitable for a wide range of packaging options.

The product is recommended for hair gels with short flow and ultra-high stiffness; styling waxes, pastes, puddings and glues; and gels packaged in jars, tubes and nonaerosol pump spray bottles. Further, the polymer is said to have humidity-resistance at all use levels with low to no flaking. It reportedly is compatible with rheology modifiers, has shear-thinning rheology, and exhibits elegant gel aesthetics that impart a rich, cushiony feel on hands and non-tacky feel on hair. The polymer is supplied in an efficient, easy-to-use liquid and can be formulated into an insoluble ingredient suspension.

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