Lyondell Launches Cooling Systems for Flavor, Fragrance

Lyondell Chemical Company announced that its Millennium Specialty Chemicals business has a new series of cooling systems for the flavor and fragrance industry. The WinSense Extra line is a series of cooling blends that is said to provide enhanced sensory experience and an intense cooling of the entire mouth from an easily formulated liquid.

Most cooling agents reportedly are supplied as crystals or powders; consequently, formulating them evenly into finished products can be challenging. Additionally, adding solvents to a formulation can impart a bitter aftertaste. In contrast, these new systems are solvent-free liquids that are easy to disperse in product formulations.

Millennium Specialty Chemicals, a Lyondell company, is a supplier of flavor and fragrance ingredients for oral care, confectionary, food and beverage, personal care and other industries.

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