Gattefosse Launches Ingredient for Texture

Gatefosse presents Emulium Kappa, a tool for active textures reportedly developed to produce a soft and creamy texture. It is based on hydrophilic waxes capable of absorbing up to six times their weight in water. The company says this natural emulsifier does not contain ethylene oxide and forms a genuine water cushion in formulations and on the skin. Three vegetal waxes, candelilla, rice bran and jojoba, were selected for their physico-chemical properties and touch and hydrophilized using polyglycerol to obtain an innovative functional mixture. According to the company, rheological measurements, sensorial analysis and formulation studies confirm the performance and sensorial advantages of this ingredientin a broad range of applications, in particular skin and sun care. Suitable for natural lines, it also is suitable for formulating antiaging, moisturizing and soothing products.
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