Candelilla Wax Substitute for Lip Products

Strahl & Pitsch has launched a candelilla wax substitute for lip care products. Candelilla Wax Substitute DR-415 has the same main properties as standard candelilla wax including increased gel strength, superior gloss and co-emulsifying properties.

According to the company, the substitute is comprised of 50-60% paraffinic hydrocarbons, <30% high molecular weight esters, approx. 10% free acids and trace resin. Standard candelilla wax is comprised of approx. 50% paraffinic hydrocarbons, 20-29% high molecular weight esters, 7-9% free acids, and 12-14% triterpenoid resin esters.

The substitute exhibits the same features as standard candelilla wax including a moderate melting point range, the consistency of a hard wax, it is hydrophobic. is can be a viscosity modifier and it is a durable film former.

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