Water-soluble Cellulose-derivatives for Hair, Skin Care

AkzoNobel Global Personal Care is launching a line of environmentally friendly polymers for hair and skin care at In-Cosmetics in Milan. Structure Cel (INCIs: Not Provided) is a line of water-soluble derivatives of cellulose, renewable raw materials that can be used as nonionic rheology modifiers, foam boosters, styling polymers and thickeners in a variety of formulations.

According to the company, these cellulose derivatives can be used to improve the efficiency and compatibility of formulations. The polymers are recommended to boost foam and modify the rheology of sulfate-free or sulfate shampoos. In addition, they can modify texture in hair conditioners, and they exhibit improved ingredient compatibility with styling polymers in hair gels. Finally, they are suggested as thickeners for ethanol-based hand sanitizers utilizing benzalkonium chloride.

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