Liquid Polymer Stabilizer/Conditioner for Hair and Skin

Cognis has launched a liquid polymer dispersion that functions as both a stabilizer and conditioner and imparts sensory properties in hair and skin care applications. Cosmedia Triple C (INCI: not provided) is said to improve the viscosity and stability of skin and hair care formulations. It consists of an efficient cationic inverse emulsion polymer (IEP), a high-grade cosmetic emollient, and an EO-free emulsifier as an activating agent. The product is designed to be tolerant toward electrolytes.

The pseudoplastic flow behavior of the dispersion reportedly allows for easy-to-apply formulations, while the cationic charge of the polymer and the spreadability of the emollient give a dry, silky feel to the skin. According to the company, the dispersion also measurably improves the combability of both wet and dry hair.

In developing the dispersion, the company made a conscious decision to avoid ethoxylated and alkoxylated emulsifiers to enable formulators to fit the trend for EO-free products. The product is also free from preservatives.

The dispersion is cold and hot processable and does not require neutralization. It can be used across a broad pH range and is suitable for pH-neutral skin care formulations, as well as acidic formulations such as hair conditioners and DHA self-tanning products.

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