Guar-derived Thickener for Antibacterial Gels

Rhodia has developed a rapidly hydrated thickener derived naturally from guar that is compatible with alcohol for the formulation of soap-free antibacterial hand gels. Jaguar HP120 (INCI: not provided) is designed to assist formulators with the creation of hydro-alcoholic antibacterial solutions with moisturizing ingredients, such as glycerin, to leave hands clean and soft.

According to the company, the thickener provides sensorial and economic benefits for consumers and formulators. It is compatible with hydrating agents, making it simpler for formulators to create daily use gels that do not dry out the skin. Formulations made with this guar-derivative solution are said to leave hands feeling moisturized and not sticky.

In addition, the company reports that the thickened gel texture allows consumers to better control the amount of gel they use. For formulators, the quick hydration of the thickener reduces manufacturing cycle time, thus optimizing gel production.

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