Encapsulation Technology for Skin and Hair

Salvona Technologies has launched a technology platform that can be used to encapsulate a wide range of functional ingredients. SalSphere is based on submicron spheres with average diameters of 100–300 nm. This size makes them too large to be considered nanotechnology under the new FDA regulations. The technology is made from botanical ingredients and is suitable for topical applications to meet the growing demand for increased performance in skin and hair care products. The new platform is an extension of Salvona's NanoSal technology platform.

This new technology platform is recommended for water-based applications. The spheres adhere to the skin as a result of their lipophilic properties and electrostatic forces. The platform can be used to encapsulate a wide range of functional ingredients including antiaging, sun filters and dermatological actives.

The company reports the platform is not able to penetrate the stratum corneum but rather deposits on top of skin to form a reservoir from which the encapsulated ingredient can slowly be released. This technology enhances efficacy and reduces skin irritation. The release mechanism of actives from the platform is based on five factors including: natural diffusion triggered by mechanical effects such as rubbing; exposure to heat; partition of the spheres into the lipid intercellular layer of the skin; and endogenous enzymatic activity such as lipase that exhibits elevated activity in areas of inflammation. 

The technology is available in more than 30 combinations of actives to treat a variety of skin and scalp disorders, as well as for use in performance hair care products. For more information, visit www.salvona.com

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