Soy-based Binder, Thickener and Emulsifier for Personal Care

DuPont has launched a soy-based multifunctional polymer for a variety of personal care applications from sun care to hair care. SoBind Harmony ((INCI: Glycine Soya Protein (and) Glycine Soya Oil) combines binding, thickening and emulsifying properties with pigment enhancement and UVA/UVB protection.

According to the company, the polymer forms lightweight films that are silky to the touch and trap moisture and actives. It is able to boost SPF and UV protection. In addition, it provides better efficiency for pigments, allowing for less usage by serving as a pigment wetter and anchor. The polymer serves as a natural delivery system, as it is able to entrap ingredients for extended release. The soy polymer is a natural alkali. It has anionic, cationic and non-polar components and, therefore, is able to provide APG and sulfate-free shampoo enhancements. It is able to reduce expensive waxes, silicones and specialties. The polymer can provide texture to formulations and can extend the life of fragrances.

The polymer is an off-white powder recommended at 0.25–10% in a variety of applications ranging from pH 5.5–12. It contains polypeptides with more than 20 amino acids and many double bonds. It is water-dispersible  It is derived from a renewable resource and is biodegradable. The company notes that the polymer has an excellent safety/toxicology profile.

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