Polymer Emulsion for Hardness, Gloss and Adhesion in Water-based Nail Polishes

At the 58th Sepawa Congress in Fulda, Germany, Interpolymer introduced a polymer designed for formulation of water-based nail polishes. Syntran PC 5620 (Pending INCI: Acrylates Copolymer)  is said to offer adhesion, gloss, hardness and water resistance.

According to the company, there are safety, toxicity and VOC concerns with solvent-based nail polish. Therefore, the company developed the polymer specifically for water-based nail polish.

The polymer is said to offer the formulator additional capabilities when formulating nail polish. For example, the formulator can create hydrating nail polishes or polishes that promote healthy growth of nails. Also, the polymer is compatible with water-based actives. The polymer can be used to develop nail polishes with little odor, and the formulator reportedly does not lose performance without the incorporation of acetates, acetone, phthalates or toluene. Although the polymer reportedly is long-lasting, it can be removed with alcohol. In addition, it is said to dry quickly.

The company conducted laboratory testing to report that formulations containing the water-based polymer emulsion exhibit quicker dry time and superior wear and hardness compared to competitive water-based nail polishes. Moreover, the test formulation provided superior initial gloss compared to water-based and solvent-based benchmarks.

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