Natural Calcium Carbonates for Oral Care and Color Cosmetics

Omya, a Swiss-based producer of industrial minerals, has launched natural calcium carbonates for toothpastes and color cosmetics. Omyacare (INCI: Not Provided) are high purity calcium carbonates (CaCO3) with low microbiological activity that are concentrates of natural calcium.

The brightness and opacity of the calcium carbonates make them suitable for use in white and color cosmetics. They can even be considered as an extender of titanium dioxide and act as a natural source of calcium.

To meet the brightness, polishing and opacifying requirements of the cosmetic industry, the calcium carbonates are available as limestone and marble based products. While marble-based calcium carbonate exhibits high brightness, low oil absorption and low yellow index, limestone calcium carbonate exhibits homogenous deposit, high brightness, higher yellow index and improved opacity.

These carbonates are produced under controlled, clean manufacturing conditions to reduced waste and the carbon footprint. The carbonates are also produced with a consistent particle size distribution, and different particle sizes are available to meet the needs of the formulator.

The calcium carbonates are recommended: to cleanse in toothpaste; as opacifying agents in eyeshadow, face powder and foundation; and as fillers in lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow, face powder and facial masks.

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