Find Stability with Meadowfoam Oil

Meadowfoam oil has raised its profile as a key ingredient in personal care products, primarily due to its oxidative stability. It is made from the seeds of the Limnanthes alba plant and is an odorless triglyceride composed of fatty acids consisting of more carbon atoms that give it a more lightweight feel. Meadowfoam oil is emerging as a popular ingredient because of its moisturizing and rejuvenating characteristics, as well as its ability to extend a product’s shelf life. The ingredient is less likely to go rancid, even in extreme conditions and exposure to heat and oxygen, and can reportedly extend the shelf life of other less-stable ingredients, helping products retain their scent longer., according to Mintel. 

The meadowfoam plant resembles sea foam blowing on the surf, which is how it received its name, and it is native to Northern California, Southern Oregon,and Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The Web site, which sells natural and complementary ingredients used in beauty products, cites additional benefits of meadowfoam oil, including adding shine and moisture to hair and scalp.

Mintel Cosmetic Research reveals that a booming number of new products featuring meadowfoam oil have been introduced in the United States. Aveda Lip Tint SPF 15 is infused with plant lipids that help condition and replenish. The lip tint is formulated with meadowfoam oil and is composed of 100% pure flower and plant essence. The product claims to use natural sunscreens, including mineral-derived titanium dioxide and oil of wintergreen. It also contains avocado, mango, certified organic babassu, jojoba and olive oils. Astaxanthin provides antioxidant protection, while the “refreshing flavor” comes from a blend of certified organic orange and spearmint with pomegranate.

Meadowfoam oil can be found in Vedababy Baby Butt cream, which is part of an all-natural range of baby products developed by Natalie Geary, PhD. This product is intended to soothe diaper rash. Grapeseed and meadowfoam oil are implemented for their cooling abilities, while calendula and organic rosehip oil were used reportedly for their restorative and calming abilities. This product actually contains several oils including grapeseed, meadowfoam, organic jojoba, shea and organic rosehip. Meadowfoam oil is often used in conjunction with other less stable oil to extend the product’s shelf life.

Scruples White Tea Restorative Conditioner is formulated with white tea leaf extract, orange flower extract, panthenol and orange oil, along with meadowfoam oil. Its “superior formula” was designed to condition, detangle and help protect, heal, restore and improve the integrity of the hair.

Moving from hair to body, Crabtree & Evelyn Naturals In-Shower Moisturizer Mango Butter & Cranberry promises to lock in moisture for soft supple skin all day. The ingredient list features a staggering 18 different types of oils, including meadowfoam oil. Due to the fact that this moisturizer is intended for use in the shower, it was important to be formulated with an ingredient that adheres well to the skin. Meadowfoam does just that--in addition to moisturizing and rejuvenating.

Rachael McFarland, Mintel

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