A Bentonite Clay for Organic Products

R.T. Vanderbilt has created a natural bentonite clay specifically for organic personal care products. Veegum Pure (INCI: Magnesium aluminum silicate) uses a clay washing process that is consistent with the processing principles for organic ingredients. The colloidal structure of the ingredient reportedly is able to trap and segregate solids, as in a suspension; oils, as in an emulsion; and gases, as in a foam or mousse.

The company recommends that the ingredient is hydrated before other formula ingredients are added to a formula. Any materials present in the water when the clay is added can interfere with hydration and inhibit the formation of the desired colloidal structure. The company suggests that when added to an organic formulation, the ingredient is able to stabilize suspensions, perfect emulsions and optimize flow. For more information, visit the company's Web site.

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