Natural Antioxidant Delivery System from Engelhard

Engelhard Corp. has launched a new, natural antioxidant delivery system for protecting skin from environmental stresses such UVB rays. Engelhard Phenoline brand vectors are microspheres that reportedly stabilize natural plant polyphenols to optimize their protective power when used in cosmetic applications such as skin firming and toning, anti-cellulite body care and scavenging free radicals (highly reactive, unstable molecules that cause damage to healthy skin cells.)

The new delivery system is based on agar (a seaweed extraction) that encapsulates the benefits of flowers and fruits in their natural form. These green tea, mimosa, strawberry and blueberry microcapsules penetrate the superficial layers of the skin and gradually open in response to enzymatic action. “This new technology enables more universal applications of the protective and draining properties of polyphenols for the cosmetics industry,” said Frank Freiler, Engelhard’s general manager, personal care materials, in a press statement. “Our exclusive encapsulation technology can stabilize a wide range of different types of polyphenols from various origins universally and rapidly.”

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