[video] Botanicals Impart Pleiotropical Effects for Skin Benefits


'Pleiotanicals' refers to a line of pleiotropic materials developed by Biocogent from botanicals. These impart multiple functions by acting through a single gene.

In this video demo, shot in the company's lab, Paul Lawrence, Ph.D., director of bioscience research and product development, and Rebecca Held, marketing coordinator, describe the development and benefits of such an ingredient; in particular, one derived from clove flower extract: Tellirictin. Lawrence notes how polyphenolic compounds including tellemagrandin are isolated from this plant and serve a variety of skin benefits.

Additionally, as Joe Ceccoli, president and CEO, describes in his company overview, Biocogent seeks to develop advanced technologies for skin care by leveraging  biotechnologies such as fermentation, and even engineer some molecules for biofunctionality. 

Learn more from the video; watch now.

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