Biocogent, LLC

25 Health Sciences Drive
Stony Brook, NY 11790

Biocogent, LLC is a premier provider of high technology products and services to the personal care and cosmetics industries. Rooted in biotechnology, Biocogent utilizes advanced technology in research, development, and manufacturing to provide innovative ingredients to its customers. Located in Long Island, New York on the campus of Stony Brook University and Medical Center uniquely places Biocogent in the epicenter of one of the nation’s leading academic and medical research universities providing access to vast professional and physical resources. Through our close working relationships with academicians and university professionals, we provide our customers with access to a continuous resource of current scientific discoveries and cutting-edge research and development. Founded by industry professionals with proven reputations, Biocogent is able to utilize the cumulative expertise in R&D, product development, engineering, manufacturing, and testing to provide our customers with advanced skincare technology that distinguishes our products and customers within the industry.

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Products and Technology 

The development and commercialization of products steeped in science and backed with proven efficacy is at the core of Biocogent’s competencies. Our teams of scientists are on the forefront of research and discovery. We deploy the science behind our platform technologies to treat the critical points of skin health and beauty including antiaging, skin renewal and protection, inflammation, microbiome and virome, cell signaling, and many other skin physiological targets. We accomplish this with the tools of biotechnology including bio-fermentation, bioconversion and biotransformation, specialized extraction processes, biochemistry, physical chemistry, novel delivery systems and unsurpassed in-house research tools and expertise.


Biocogent’s DermalRx® line of products are the cumulation of years of research and represent some of the newest modalities for treating, protecting and promoting healthy youthful skin. Our DermalRx® platform utilizes the most modern biotech and research technologies available today.


Biocogent’s High Energy Dynamic Ingredients (HEDI®) are produced utilizing ultra-high energy physical chemistry. This technology enables the combination of typically incompatible materials such as lipophilic and polar molecules. HEDI® products are stable homogeneous sub-micronic dispersions that promote uniform skin coverage and penetration enabling unique delivery of active molecules, formula aesthetics, formula performance, and functionalities not possible by simple add-mixing in situ. HEDI® products can be made sprayable, pumpable, and infinitely dilutable.


High potency plant derived pleiotropic (multi-functional) active ingredients. These products are derived from whole plant or specific plant parts (flowers, roots, stems). Utilizing specialized and proprietary extraction techniques, such as clean super critical fluids and cell rupture extraction and purification, active biomolecules are targeted, gently and efficiently extracted, purified and concentrated for greater activity and stability.

Advanced Solutions

Through unique combinations of biopolymers and active ingredients these products provide distinctive benefits and functionality. These products are value driven, providing easy-to-formulate, and proven functional benefits, at a value.

  • Cosmetic Ingredients(Actives, Balancing-soothing, Skin/Body)