Stylist Launches Vegan Hair Line

Hairstylist Wayne Ground has launched a hair care line based on 100% vegan protein ingredients. Surface also is reportedly gluten-free and paraben-free. According to the company, most manufacturers still use wheat protein which carries the risk of allergic reactions to gluten.

Instead of using sodium laurel sulfate surfactants, the vegan line formulates with palm and coconut oils. Also, as a preservative, the line uses rose ether. In place of petrochemicals (PVP) the styling products use resins extracted from natural sugars and corn starch. Instead of mineral oil, the line uses ingredients derived from organic babassu, palm, flax, aloe and safflower seed oil. The company also uses palm and babassu oil in place of DEA and TEA. Finally, as a fragrance, the line utilizes plant-derived aromas.

The line's strengthening products are formulated with cationic vegan proteins of Amaranth keravis and soy to provide damage repair, strengthen and impart condition and shine. The hydrating products provide moisture control and softening with babassu, aloe and flax seed oil. The therapeutic products strengthen and rejuvenate thinning hair with botanical extracts, while mineral ferments improve cell turnover, providing antiaging effects and encouraging a healthy scalp and growth. Finally, the styling products are formulated with sugars and corn starches.

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