Symrise Launches Plant Juice Range to Benefit Cosmetics

Symrise has launched a series of freshly pressed plant juices in its Actipone range. These include dandelion, horsetail, Melissa, ribwort and stinging nettles, grown and harvested in Germany, and high-grade ginger juice from Sri Lanka.

Without the use of any solvents, the juice varieties are fully traceable and certified organic. The juices leave moisturizing, soothing and antioxidant properties in cosmetic applications for hair, face, body and more.

The plants used in the juices are manually pressed after harvesting near Symrise’s production site to guarantee the preservation of the plants’ ingredients.

According to the company, previously, the INCI descriptor "juice" has been used in the cases of fruits and vegetables. Here, however, the juices are derived from the whole plants or roots. Therefore, each will be designated with the new INCI name, "Fresh Plant Juice."

“With this new area of application for traditional plants, we’re giving our customers the opportunity to create trendy and inspiring plant concepts for different product categories,” said Simon Peter, global product manager botanicals at Symrise, in a statement. “Our freshly pressed plant juices transfer the green juicing trend to cosmetics with fresh, unadulterated, effective and organic ingredients.”

The Actipone range won third place in the 2015 BSB Innovation Award in the category, “Most Innovative Natural Products – Raw Materials” during the 2015 in-cosmetics in Barcelona.

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