5 BASF Organic Ingredients COSMOS-approved

Basf 5 Organic Ingredient

Five active ingredients from BASF for cosmetics and body care products have been approved as organic, according to the COSMOS-standard. This includes the active ingredients Dulcemin (INCI: Varies), Lipofructyl (INCI: Varies) and Elestan (INCI: Varies).

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BASF states that 145 cosmetic ingredients are COSMOS-registered; 150 ingredients are suitable for formulations, according to the EU-Ecolabel for cosmetic products; and about 200 ingredients meet the requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel.

The organic ingredients include Dulcemin, from sweet almond seed flour; Lipofructyl, derived from argan oil; and Elestan, extracted from the leaves of the West African Manilkara tree.

“Cosmetics manufacturers who want to receive a certification of their products according to COSMOS will find that BASF offers a large range of ingredients on the market–from basic raw materials such as surfactants and emollients, to skin care additives and actives,” says Ute Griesbach, marketing manager of personal care Europe.

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The COSMOS-standard distinguishes between natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics and sets the respective requirements for certification between the two categories. Ingredients used in cosmetic products are divided into five categories.

With a total of 92 products, BASF offers a large amount as well as a variety of approved products for different applications in the category of “chemically processed agro-ingredients,” e.g. raw materials from renewable feedstock. In addition, 24 registered ingredients for cosmetic products contain chemically as well as physically processed components, eight products merely consist of physically processed ingredients.

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