400 Naturals and Counting: A&E Connock’s Cosflor Extracts

A e Connock Cosflor

A&E Connock has created Cosflor extracts, a range of fluid botanical extracts that incorporates the company’s sub-brands Apicos, Dairycos and Marecos.

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With more than 400 natural elements to enhance products, Cosflor extracts are made from a combination of Apicos (bee-related), Dairycos (dairy-based) and Marecos (Marine-derived) products to provide formulators with a variety of natural additives to ensure formula compatibility and to meet marketing objectives.

A&E Connock claims the extracts are stabilized with proven preservation and antioxidant systems. The company’s services also extend to the development of customized extracts and blends for individual requirements.

For more information, contact A&E Connock.

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