Water-based Plant Extract Emulsion Technology

Analyses Recherches Innovation Instrumentale (AR2i) has introduced a water plant emulsion (WPE) processing technology to enable the production of ultra fine fluid emulsions with plant extracts. According to the company, this technology can be used to formulate products containing fragrance or fragrance-based compositions without the need for chemical solvents or alcohol agents.

This water-dispersible technology is designed to provide an alternate product form to traditional creams or pastes. It replaces usual fat excipients and creates nonsticky emulsions while providing moisturizing properties to skin. It also incorporates oil-based actives; according to the company, finished formulas may contain up to 45% essential oils or other oleaginous materials utilizing this processing technology.

The emulsion is reportedly a fine fluid that is milky in appearance and eco-certifiable. Recommended applications include sprayable perfumed skin care, body mists, bath and sun products to impart skin care benefits as well as fragrance.

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