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In the age of the internet, customers expect to find information of interest fast, any time and anywhere. With intoBeauty® Evonik focuses on bundling all its product information, sample orders and interactive online tools in a web-based portal. It is accessible 24/7, from anywhere and from any device. intoBeauty®’s interactive design and easy navigation invites customers to explore the platform and find the information they are looking for as soon as they need it, decreasing the time from the request to answer and therefore increasing satisfaction.

At intobeauty.evonik.com customers can research Evonik’s portfolio of raw materials for the personal care industry and find detailed product information. A vast amount of visual content, like videos and interactive tools, will be available and give Evonik’s customers the opportunity to gain deep product knowledge. Browse through product categories or use the advanced search function, which not only searches for product names, but also INCI names and suitable key terms. Product-related downloads including available presentations or publications like brochures, catalogues and flyers are also available and can be downloaded if needed. Customers can complete the online research with a sample order for lab trials and new product developments.

If you need inspiration for the application of Evonik’s ingredients, you will find the latest formulation concepts in intoBeauty®. From active lifestyle, to colorful self-expression – Evonik’s concepts target worldwide consumer trends and highlight suitable ingredients. The focus on market trends helps formulators and brand owners to create cosmetic products and satisfy an increasingly demanding consumer base. Detailed information about concepts show customers how to benefit from Evonik’s ingredients and a search function helps finding the right formulation concept.

Evonik’s interactive online tools will also be accessible via intoBeauty®. The well-established Sensory Kaleidoscope visualizes the impact of oil-in-water as well as water-in-oil emulsifiers on the skin feel. This facilitates the development of new products with specific sensory properties by making the process more direct, interactive, and easier.

The Ceramide Knowledge Center provides useful tips, tricks and inspirations when it comes to formulating ceramides in the lab or the production process. It helps giving answers and ideas to frequently asked questions like the solubility of Ceramides in cosmetic emollients.

The new Product Selection Tool suggests suitable products fitting the needs of customers. It inhibits many filter possibilities, narrowing down the amount of ingredients that can be used in the formulation of choice. Filter criteria involve many different aspects, e.g. the product category, market segment and applications, but also consumer benefits, in-formulation attributes, sustainability and product certifications. Further information on the ingredients, like product form and processing parameters, the chemistry and the registration status, are also available. The tool lets the user choose any parameters of importance for them and does not restrict them in any way. 

The CAREtain® toolbox aims to create transparency, as well as a sustainable edge regarding our products and provides you with an instrument to develop your own eco-optimized products.

Enjoy exploring intoBeauty® at intobeauty.evonik.com and experience technical solutions on demand!


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