Formulate premium sustainable products with Silmer® Sustain-H [sample request]


Silmer® Sustain-H is a 90% biobased carbon content elastomer gel that provides premium benefits for skin, makeup and sun care applications.

Silicone elastomer gels are widely utilized in skin care and color cosmetics for the premium benefits that they provide. Traditional gels consist of high viscosity partially crosslinked silicone elastomers dispersed in either cyclomethicones or low viscosity dimethicones. Silmer® Sustain-H utilizes renewable hemisqualane as a carrier, thereby imparting premium benefits in a more sustainable product. The high biobased carbon content for the product allows for sustainable formulating, as demonstrated in Siltech’s skin care formula Sustainable Hydration. This invert emulsion cream spreads easily, has a pleasing sensorial and overall biobased carbon content of more than 90%!

Silmer® Sustain-H:

  • Ensures uniform powder dispersion.
  • Elicits premium sensorial with extended playtime.
  • Excels as an emollient.
  • Imparts cushion during application.


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