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CosmEthically ACTIVE is the first certificate that reviews natural cosmetics with a science-based approach toward cosmetic efficacy. It differs from all other certificates: by recognising products that contain the right ingredients in suitable concentrations to deliver the desired cosmetic activity; by identifying cosmetically active ingredients; and even more importantly, by evaluating the concentrations of those ingredients in a cosmetic product. 

The certificate allows you to immediately recognise products that are rationally formulated with ingredients of natural origin. It represents a unique understanding of cosmetics that are based on the skin’s physiological needs, high dermal compatibility and good environmental acceptability, supported by the highest level of science-based knowledge.


Cosmetically active ingredients are responsible for desired skin care benefits, such as antioxidative effects. Marketing claims are therefore primarily based on the cosmetic activity of those ingredients. Without a suitable concentration, however, no significant activity can be expected. 

Unfortunately, cosmetic regulations are poorly defined in this respect. This generally allows cosmetic manufacturers to hide behind their claims and include only the minimum, and not necessarily the effective, quantities of cosmetically active ingredients. 

The CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate provides you the certainty of an evidence-based cosmetic product, formulated using natural ingredients at cosmetically active concentrations. 


CosmEthically ACTIVE products are based on the skin's functions and needs, physiologically and ecologically acceptable cosmetic ingredients, and the science behind them.

- Ingredients are incorporated into cosmetic products in active concentrations.

- Products are formulated rationally, with ingredients selected on a case-by-case basis, based on their role, the desired cosmetic activity, and technological and sensory aspects, without redundancy, and their total number is kept to a minimum.

- The certificate allows only environmentally friendly ingredients that are highly biodegradable.

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Modern CosmEthics is an international association of cosmetology professionals that promotes natural, organic, sustainable, ethical and cosmetically active products.

- We enforce the concept of active cosmetics and protect the consumer against empty marketing claims. 

- We comply with strict conditions when evaluating the naturalness of cosmetic ingredients to ensure the improved protection of our environment.


Our young community pursues the ultimate goal of connecting all of us, professionals and enthusiasts, who care for the health of our skin and planet. We highly support investment in knowledge at the individual, academic and public level, as educated consumers will help us raise awareness about natural and cosmetically active products to a higher level.

We promote the Modern Cosmetics book, the world’s most comprehensive publication about cosmetic ingredients of natural origin. Written by 11 scientists professionally active in the fields of cosmetology and medicinal plants, it comprises 482 pages, 26 chapters and 272 monographs.

We encourage you to take the challenge, and follow us in creating and promoting a natural, sustainable and healthy world.We encourage you to take the challenge, and follow us in creating and promoting a natural, sustainable and healthy world.


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