Elementis Clay-based Rheology Delivers Consumer Desire for Clean, Green Products


Demand for green and clean personal care products continues to rise as consumers become more conscious of the eco-ethical impact of their beauty routines.  Consumers are moving beyond clean beauty’s original “free-from” concept and now want to be assured that their products are not only good for them but also are good socially and environmentally.    At the same time, there is a drive toward  greater ingredient transparency and simplicity.  This translates to a desire for shorter ingredient listings and fewer products in beauty routines.  

Figure 1 shows the evolution of ‘clean and green’ claims for global new product launches in skin care and color cosmetics over the past 3 years.  While “free from” claims have risen modestly, natural and ethical and environmental claims are accelerating.

Figure 1

Elementis Ct2003 Image1

Regionally, we see the overall green/clean trend is strongest in Western Europe and North America  (Figure 2).  In North America, where free-from claims are still trending, products with eco-ethical claims comprised more than 40% of new launches in skin care and color cosmetics.   In Europe, nearly 44% of new launches had natural claims.   And in Latin America, eco-ethical positioning is what is resonating most.  For the Asia market, 39%  of new products had natural claims and substantially fewer eco-ethical claims than the rest of the world. 

Figure 2

Elementis Ct2003 Image2

Natural clay-based rheology modifiers help formulators deliver on these claims and consumer trends.    Elementis has two new BENTONE GEL® products for delivering suspension, thickening, and improved sensorial  and application benefits with silicone-based BENTONE GEL® DM 5 V and 97% naturally derived BENTONE GEL® HS V.  Both products are vegan, meet standards for clean cosmetics and offer formulators easy incorporation that not only shortens process times for lower carbon footprint, but also deliver improved lot to lot consistency. These products are particularly useful in formulating color cosmetics because of their ability to provide consistent color payout in both anhydrous and emulsion systems.  BENTONE GEL® rheology modifiers also improve stability, aesthetics and SPF of mineral-based sunscreen formulations.

In 2019, we have seen not only seen a shift toward greater sustainability of beauty products but also a move towards personalization and simplification of beauty routines.  In order to achieve goals around both sustainability and personalization, formulators need multifunctional products such as 98% naturally derived, vegan  BENTONE LUXE® WN.   This product enables the formulator to create simple, yet texturally exciting, products with minimal shear, no heat required.  This opens the door for bespoke product that can be done either in store or at home. 

Over the past year, we have seen consumers become increasingly savvy about ingredients and formulation transparency.    As the clean movement evolves to more a more eco-ethical orientation, Elementis will continue to deliver new technologies on our vegan, clay-based technologies like BENTONE GEL®  and BENTONE LUXE WN to help formulators create products that are exciting, beauty enhancing and sustainable.   


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