New Ranges Leverage Botanical/Microorganism Synergy

Greentech has developed new actives from the synergies between botanicals and microorganisms. At in-cosmetics in Hamburg, the company introduced two ranges of actives: Probiophytes and Ferment’Actives.

The Probiophyte Fresh is a bacterial ferment active that specifically targets the bacteria that cause body odor without altering normal body flora.

Ferment'Actives are obtained by the customized, controlled fermentation of a specific plant. Ferment’Active Goji Skin Protection, in particular, contains 3.3 times the amount of polyphenols compared to standard goji extract. Also, Ferment’Active Raspberry Brightening contains 38 times the AHAs compared of regular raspberry extract, and Ferment'Active Pomegranate Anti-aging has an antioxidant power 1.5 times greater than classic pomegranate extract.

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