AQP-3 Ingredient May Improve Keratinization

Bayer HealthCare has introduced an blend of two triterpenic isomers designed to improve the differentiation of the keratinocyte and epidermis functionality. Madecassoside (INCI: Madecassoside) is made from the purified extract of Centella asiatica which, according to the company, plays a major role in wound care and dermis resoration.

The company also reports the ingredient to provide AQP-3 activity, which can lead to improved stratum corneum hydration, increased elasticity and improved functionality. In addition, other cosmetic benefits may include the awakening of the keratinocyte recycling ability and epidermal organization optimization for a reinforced stratum corneum.

The ingredient is being recommended for formulation into anti-psoriasis, sensitive skin and antiaging products. For more information, visit Bayer HealthCare's Web site.

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