Featured Formula: Intensive Repair Cream with EpiCalsome™

Mibelle Ct2206 Lead

EpiCalsome™ is an innovative double cone vector system that encapsulates calcium ions with phospholipids to make calcium optimally bioavailable to the skin. Here, we present our prototype formulation, intended for dry skin of all ages, that treats stressed skin with nourishing plant oils.

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Procedure: Mix A, one after the other, under agitation and heat to 70°C. Mix B, one after the other, under agitation and heat to 70°C. At 70°C, pour B into A under homogenization and cool under agitation. At 40°C, add C (panthenol and EpiCalsome™) under agitation to AB. Cool to 25°C and add phase D to ABC. If necessary, adjust pH to 4.5-5.5 using citric acid/NaOH sol.

Calcium gradient in young vs. old skin

During aging, as well as in diabetic skin, dysregulated calcium signaling occurs and the calcium gradient is flattened. Besides driving keratinocyte differentiation, the calcium gradient plays a role in keratinocyte migration and wound healing. Taken together, calcium gradient and signaling are key for a healthy skin barrier and barrier homeostasis.

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