Give Conditioning A Cost Effective Boost


BASF’s Plantasil® 4V is an economical, tailor-made compound for a strong hair conditioning effect in shampoos. It provides a significant improvement on wet combing and sensorial performance on different hair types, equivalent to those of silicone containing benchmarks. Even at higher levels of hair damage, Plantasil 4V reduces combing force significantly. These effective properties can also be demonstrated at low surfactant levels. When it comes to formulation, BASFs new ingredient shows clear benefits: It is easy to use in cold processes and compatible with all relevant conditioning polymers. The new compound also offers clear solubilization of oils in surfactant bases; and has less impact on foam and no stabilization issues, compared to other hair care additives.


Nourishing Care Shampoo


This premium, sulfate-free gentle shampoo cleanses and conditions hair leaving it feeling fresh and soft. The combination of Dehyton® AO45, Jordapon® CI Prill, and Plantapon® SF cleans the hair while maintaining good foaming compared to most sulfate-free shampoos. Plantasil® 4V, in conjunction with Dehyquart® HP, adds conditioning benefits to the formulation.  

Purely Simple Shampoo


This shampoo allows users to achieve clean, healthy-looking hair. Dehyquart® Guar TC, in conjunction with Plantasil® 4V, provides an extra conditioning boost and helps give hair a conditioned and manageable look. 


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