Behenamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate for Hair Conditioning

Long carbon chain quaternary ammonium salts are cationic surfactants. They are used widely as conditioners to keep hair flexible and soft and to improve combability, among other benefits.1, 2 Long hydrocarbon chain quaternary ammonium salts also carry a positive charge on their nitrogen atom, and thus have good affinity to hair. After shampoo and conditioner treatments, they remain deposited on the hair surface, which provides good combing, anti-static and detangling performance.3, 4 However, long carbon chain quaternary ammonium salts are not compatible with anionic surfactants. They form complexes and precipitates in the formulation, which create instabilities. In some cases, modifications to the molecular structure can improve compatibilities—with the addition of ethylene oxide (EO) and propylene oxide (PO) groups, for example.

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