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Proprietary Ultrafine Bubble Technology Transports Active Ingredients to Cells More Efficiently and Completely

Hydrosome Labs, an innovative startup with an experienced team combining scientists, advisors and businesspeople from the likes of Nestle, Chobani, Procter & Gamble, Argonne National Labs and Goldman Sachs, has developed a natural and chemical-free process improving the power of water through the emerging science of ultrafine bubbles.

A study released today from TRI Princeton and Hydrosome showed that Niacinamide delivery into the skin was significantly improved vs. the control substance (water).

Nick Jackowetz, Chief Scientific Officer at Hydrosome Labs, said the study shows the technology can "significantly enhance the efficacy and performance of ingredients in cosmetics to maximize consumer benefits, from wrinkle reduction to increased firmness, elasticity and hydration." A previous study showed Niacinamide with Hydrosome H2O penetrated 2-3 times deeper into skin samples vs. Niacinamide and deionized water.

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The new innovation is unique in many ways:

  • Its stability of up to two years has not been previously recorded in literature. The closest shelf life in the emerging nanobubble category is four to six months.
  • The technology is highly sustainable with no added chemicals or consumables as part of the patented process, and it takes very little energy to operate.
  • It can eliminate the need for other chemical-based penetration enhancers — simplifying formulas and ingredient statements, as well as potentially reducing the skin irritation issues some of those chemicals may cause. Formulators can create a cleaner formula with improved performance.

The study found Hydrosome H2O dramatically increased hydration compared to deionized water. Jackowetz concluded that for the first time, the technology transforms water from a filler to a “super-carrier,” delivering nutrients to hard-to-reach areas with remarkable speed and efficiency.


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