Sulfate-free, Biodegradable Surfactant Blends Derived From Renewable Resources

At In-Cosmetics in Barcelona, Innospec has created two surfactant blends based on Iselux (INCI: Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate) that are biodegradable, derived from renewable resources and free of sulfates, ethylene oxide and amide. Both Iselux SFS and Iselux SLB are mild, provide dense lather and impart an elegant after feel on skin.

These surfactant blends have been designed to provide simple-to-use, cost-effective bases to help formulators and manufacturers of consumer products create sulfate-free personal cleansing products. According to the company, the blends can help reduce on-site inventory costs, save manufacturing costs by decreasing cycle time and eliminating the need to heat batches minimizing the overall cost in the bottle for our customers.

Iselux SFS is a concentrated sulfate-free surfactant blend requiring only the addition of water for dilution and salt to thicken providing stable, crystal-clear finished formulations. It is ideal for shampoos and body washes. The blend is compatible with typical additives used to provide visual or performance enhancements. In addition, it can be used in clear systems and the viscosity can be adjusted with electrolytes.

Iselux SLB is a sulfate-free surfactant that can create structured systems where the use of high levels of oils or other typically non-compatible actives is desired to produce highly desirable end products. The concentrate can be cold-processed and, unlike traditional structured liquid bases, is free from EO containing raw materials.This blend is designed for ease of use in cleanser formulas such as shampoos and body washes. In addition, it requires the addition of water for dilution and electrolytes to thicken in order to develop a stable finished formulation.

Although only two blends are currently available, further developments are in the pipeline.

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