Lubrizol/Noveon Launches Soy and Coconut-derived Surfactants Line

The Lubrizol Corporation has launched a surfactants product line under the Noveon Consumer Specialties name in Brazil, specifically driven by claims for mild yet high performance as well as cost-effectiveness. According to the company, the products serve as both amide replacements and pre-formulated, amide-free surfactant blends. Based on soy and coconut oils, the surfactants are said to provide superior performance such as rich lather, flash foam and mildness in shampoos, shower gels and other personal care cleansing products.

The product line includes nonionic, anionic, amphoteric, natural soaps, cationic and special performance surfactant concentrates. In addition, new vegetable-derived surfactants are offered for use in formulations requiring natural claims, including Chemccinate LSC-K Surfactant (INCI: Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate), Chembetaine ACB Surfactant (INCI: Coco-Betaine) and Sulfochem CS-BZ Surfactant (INCI: Sodium Coco-Sulfate). Finally, Chemoryl SFB-10SK Surfactant is an alkyl and alkyl ether sulfate free, amide-free, mild, multipurpose surfactant concentrate. Its gentle, rich formula is suggested for use in premium shampoos and body washes.

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