Kalichem Italia to Present Olive Oil Surfactant, Emulsifier with a New Vegetable Lipoprotein

Kalichem Italia will launch its new new PEG-free surfactant, Olivoil Avenate, based on olive oil and vegetal hot proteins, at in-cosmetics in April 2006. This new surfactant exhibits noticeable emollient, protective, calming and soothing properties for the skin. According to the company, the ingredient is suitable in cleansing products for delicate skin, easily reddened skin, skin prone to acne and hyper-seborrhoea; before- and after-sun creams; and in all cosmetics. The ingredient has a protective and repairing cutaneous action. The company says the ingredient is formulated in a way that the olive oil fatty acids have been protected and bound with oat proteins.
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