Olivem® 2090, Hallstar’s new W/O cold process emulsifier, helps create naturally elegant sunscreens


Hallstar has always recognized the impact that performant emulsifiers can have on successful sun care formulations. Functional bases – like our natural ingredients developed in Hallstar Italia – form fluid (even sprayable) sun care lotions, improve emulsion stability and dermatological compatibility, and enhance texture and viscosity so the product feels great on your skin. After all, the safest and most effective sunscreen is the one you’re actually willing to use regularly!


Our newest cold process emulsifier, Olivem® 2090 (INCI: Polyglyceryl-4 Olivate/Polyricinoleate), is a w/o, nature-derived ingredient that is especially well-suited to sun care.


In addition to improving spreadability, enabling an excellent after-feel and reducing the amount of solvent needed, Olivem® 2090 boasts dispersion properties that make formulating with inorganic and organic UV filters and powders much easier.


Its simple emulsification process can be achieved with either a cold or hot process, making Olivem® 2090 very versatile. 


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