Pioneering Sustainable Solutions for Effective Personal Care Bioactives

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The demand for effective and sustainable personal care products is ever-increasing. As part of BASF’s Responsibly Active program, we take responsibility for our impact in the world and strive to create innovative products while empowering people and protecting the planet’s resources. Our bioactive, Nephoria,® is an example of our commitment to innovation, sustainability and protection of the climate.

Nephoria® is part of our sustainable Rambutan program, which contributes to a circular economy, utilizing wastes and by-products to save natural resources. BASF partnered with local farmers in Vietnam to create the first organic Rambutan orchard in that country. Through this program, we created a reliable and transparent supply chain as well as fair working conditions for the farmers of this rich natural resource. As part of this program, we endeavored to explore all the hidden bioactive ingredients in every part of the Rambutan plant.

Using a green extraction process, BASF created  Nephoria,®an extract of the evergreen leaves of the Rambutan tree, which are naturally rich in antioxidants. This extract is preservative-free and supports the skin’s own healthy collagen and elastin networks, which are important for the appearance of youthful and supple-looking skin.

Using Nephoria® can support your well-aging goals with a 2-in-1 approach of reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving skin elasticity. Additionally, Nephoria® can be a great addition to your retinol routine as a daytime retinol alternative or paired with a retinol formulation. With a wide range of raw material compatibility, Nephoria® can be incorporated in many product formats, including BB creams and serums.

BASF created the Rambutan Rejuvenating Booster to show a natural well-aging and rejuvenating solution. This formulation has a light sensory feel and easily distributes into skin followed by a pleasant dry and nourished skin feel. This formulation features Nephoria,® brought by nature and cultivated with care to support youthful looking skin.

Would you like more Rambutan in your life? Try our Rambuvital® and Nephydrat® bioactive ingredients. Rambuvital® is an up-cycled extract from Rambutan seeds that revitalizes the hair follicles and moisturizes the scalp. Nephydrat® is an upcycled extract of Rambutan pericarps that reinvigorates and moisturizes skin.

Learn more about our Nephoria® and our other Rambutan solutions: https://www.personal-care.basf.com/sustainability/the-rambutan-program


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