V/WA,™ Discover Alteromonas Lipotrueae

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There is innovation in the mechanism of action, the origin of the active ingredients and even the technology used to obtain them, but what if we discover a new microorganism?

LipoTrue S.L. presents a total vertical integrated product, fully controlling the three key steps: discover, develop and deliver. An innovative vertical approach for an ingredient obtained from a newly identified Alteromonas strain: Alteromonas lipotrueae.

This microorganism was found living in symbiosis on the surface of the most stinging jellyfish in the Mediterranean Sea, the Pelagia noctiluca. The metabolomic analysis of the bacterial extract confirmed that it contains several compounds involved in muscle contraction that may help to protect itself from the jellyfish neurotoxins.

V/WA™ is the active ingredient obtained from the fermentation of Alteromonas lipotrueae. The compounds produced and secreted by Alteromonas lipotrueae have been shown to modulate neuritogenesis and have displayed the development of neuromuscular junctions helping to relax expression lines.

V/WA™ is a novel approach in the field of the botulinum-like ingredients and is the first vertical integrated product in the cosmetic market, since Lipotrue controls and has the ownership of all the steps of the process: from the identification of a new strain to the development and delivery of a novel active ingredient to the cosmetic manufacturers.

Discover V/WA™ at https://lipotrue.com/products/v-wa/


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