Unique Anti-aging Skin care Active ingredients from ICHIMARU

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ICHIMARU PHARCOS has developed unique formulation approaches, such as plant-derived proteoglycan, large HA retention and oral biofilm. Here are three natural, plant-based active ingredients with original research and profound efficacies recommended for new anti-aging cosmetics.


A skin care active ingredient recommended for facial, eye and body care applications. The ingredient harnesses Ichimaru's success in developing and manufacturing a plant-derived proteoglycan from the Ghatti tree. It helps maintain the skin structure by promoting fibroblast proliferation and collagen production. It has also been proven that VeganProteoglycan is effective in increasing collagen density in the dermis and reducing wrinkles and improving the skin texture and age spots.


VeganProteoglycan won first prize in the BSB Innovation Award 2023.

Innovation Award

Wisdom from traditional herb for anti-aging care:

·        Plant-based proteoglycan;

·         An increase in collagen density;

·         A reduction of wrinkles.

Ghatti Gum

Ghatti Gum


An anti-aging skin care active ingredient recommended for facial, body, lip care and makeup applications, HyaluGuard is expected to protect Hyaluronic Acid (HA) from breakdown by inhibiting HYBID, an HA degradation enzyme. The ingredient increases the moisture content of the skin and reduces wrinkles and skin sagging. It utilizes Artemisia capillaris from Japan.


The warrior of dermal matrix against sagging:

·        Protection of hyaluronic acid (HA) from degradation;

·         Reduction of skin sagging;

·         Increase in moisture content.

Artemisia Capillaris

Artemisia capillaris


MILLTECT is an oral care active ingredient recommended for gel, paste and liquid type toothpaste, mouth wash and spray type oral care applications. It is proven to inhibit biofilm formation (dental plaque) which causes oral infections such as dental caries and periodontal diseases. MILLTECT prevents the occurrence of halitosis and pigmentation on the tooth surface by inhibiting the adhesion of bacteria and shows the stronger inhibition of bacterial adsorption with the combination of antimicrobial agents (CPC, IPMP, etc). It is derived from Codium fragile.

Ryota Takeuchi, who developed MILLTECT, was awarded the PCHi 2023 Fountain Award for Best Newcomers Award.


Marine algae power against formation of oral biofilm:

·        Inhibition of bacterial adhesion to the teeth;

·         Prevention of biofilm formation;

·         Prevention of bad breath.

Codium Fragile

These three new ingredients have obtained a code from NMPA, China and are COSMOS approved; VeganProteoglycan and MILLTECT are halal certified.

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