Formulation Strong: Bomar® Oligomers Enhance LED-Curable Nail Gel Coatings


Overcome common nail coating issues such as low gloss, color drift, regulatory compliance and premature chipping by formulating your nail gel coatings with Bomar® oligomers. Seven different oligomers are available that are ideally suited for top coat, color coat or base coat LED-curable nail gel polishes sold in professional salons or do-it-at-home kits.

A new technology bulletin contains data on seven Bomar oligomers that were formulated into LED-curable nail gel coatings and tested to see if they could overcome common formulation issues. The products chosen for this study were selected with varying degrees of high- and low glass-transition temperatures and featured non-yellowing characteristics, high gloss and low MeHQ levels for low skin irritation.


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