Charged Vesicles for Delivering Actives in Surfactant-based Formulations

Methods of active ingredient delivery for the personal care industry have undergone numerous improvements and advancements in recent years. Yet, one of the most enduring challenges has been how to deliver active components efficaciously in a wash-off personal care product that won’t be removed by surfactants. The primary obstacle to achieving this has been in finding a method that will allow active ingredients to be attracted to the skin and, if necessary, penetrate slowly.

Throughout the years, advances in technology have enabled ten-fold improvements in delivery, which is evident in the polymer science currently being employed for body washes, face washes and other surfactant-based systems; however, these advancements have proven insufficient for delivery of active ingredients with the same ease and efficacy that can be realized through delivery by wash-off products. In today’s fast-paced society, where consumers continue to demand innovations that enhance convenience, there is a need for technology that can deliver a two-in-one benefit such as the effective delivery of active ingredients in a surfactant-based formulation.

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