Native Extracts Amplifies Kakadu Plum Extract's Vitamin C, Extends Formats

Native Extracts has expanded its eco-conscious ingredient portfolio by providing Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract in four formats.
Native Extracts has expanded its eco-conscious ingredient portfolio by providing Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract in four formats.
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Native Extracts Pty. Ltd., has expanded its portfolio by providing eco-conscious NE Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract (INCI: Teriminalia Ferdinandiana Extract) in four formats. 

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The company's cellular extracts are an eco-conscious alternative to traditional plant extracts. They are produced using processes that are energy- and biomass-efficient, incorporating rain-harvested (deionized/purified) water, repurposing crop surplus and recycling and composting by-products.

Furthermore, Native Extracts's Cellular Extraction process is used to create the extracts by mimicking the plant's natural movement of phyto-compounds using gradients. The process works with increased osmolarity (hypertonic conditions) by exposing plant material to a liquid extractant medium (carrier solvent) in a pressurized, airless environment. This disrupts the semi-permeable membranes of cells, moving the natural water-soluble molecules into the liquid medium matrix.

The resulting liquid extract comprises plant's hydrophilic profile of phyto-compounds and their derivatives (the entourage) as they exist in the fruit, leaf, flower, wood, seed or fungi of a species. Of particular interest is natural vitamin C/ascorbic acid, which is present in kakadu plum in very high concentrations and in the NE Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract. The company successfully harnessed this vitamin in an aqueous format in 2013 and continues this work. More recently, Natural Extracts has achieved a new benchmark of 16,000mg/100g of natural vitamin C in the company's 5:1 ESS Kakadu Plum EssenXce.

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Extended Formats

With the expansion of the company's technical team, the extract has been extended to four forms in different concentration formats, solubility formats and physical formats:

  • Hydrophilic, topical cellular extracts—the water-soluble entourage: As the NE Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract was originally launched in 2013, now this format contains more phyto-compounds including arginine. The company's hydrophilic cellular extracts come in a concentrate and standard dilution format, preserved or unpreserved.

  • Kakadu plum seed oil: Native Extracts upcycled the seeds from its Kakadu plum powder, delivering an infusion of fatty acids designed for skin and hair care applications. Bringing Kakadu plum to the anhydrous formulation space, the company engineered technology for high-speed oil infusions–the NSO Kakadu Plum Seed Oil infusion, where the seeds and extracts are repurposed using safflower oil as the extractant solvent.

  • Kakadu plum freeze-dried powder: This very fine grade powder is a potent source of natural vitamin C. This format is reportedly used in mineral makeup as well as ingestible applications and is being trialed in university research projects.

  • Kakadu Plum Native EssenXce: Finally, this nutrient-dense, solvent-removed, highly concentrated liquid is for ingestible formulations and high-value topical solutions, setting concentration benchmarks of phyto-compounds with high levels of natural vitamin C.
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