Bio-Gate Launches Antibacterial Face Mask Spray

Bio Gate Mask And Surface Sprays

Bio-Gate AG has released a Hygiene Mask Spray incorporating the company's silver antibacterial ingredient.

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The product is sprayed onto face masks before they are worn to inactivate enveloped viruses for a lasting antimicrobial effect. The spray is available in German retail stores under the brand name Vitalia, online and in brick-and-mortar pharma stores in Germany as BioEpiderm, and in North America under the brand PurLif. 

The antiviral product range also includes a hand sanitizer, hand gels and hand creams. The products are based on Bio-Gate's MicroSilver BG (INCI: Silver) platform technology. 

While the spray is promoted for textile use, it could suggest a novel personal care product application.

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