Seppic Purifies and Protects Scalp and Skin with Latest Active Launch

Seppic has introduced an purifying active that also offers skin protection. Fluidipure 8G (INCI: Hexylene Glycol (and) Capryloyl glycine (and) Xylitylglucosid) is a glycine and sugar biovector proliferation of microorganisms on the skin and in formulations. Its anionic structure (negative electric charge) prevents the adhesion of microbial biofilms.

The active restores the cutaneous ecosystem while also preserving the integrity of sensitive skin. When used in hair care, it reduces dandruff, calms scalp irritation and decreases the production of sebum in 3-6 shampoo washes (in vivo test performed on 40 volunteers presenting seborrheic dermatitis). Furthermore, it participates in reducing hair and body odor.

As a biomimetic acidifying agent, it helps attacked skin to regain its physiological pH (acidic), so ensuring its integrity. Lastly, 5% of the active, in combination with sorbic acid, protects formulations against microbial proliferation

This active agent, presented in liquid and transparent form, can be readily incorporated into any type of cosmetic care or hygiene product, including cold process formulations.  It is readily incorporated into deodorants, hygiene products, greasy-skin products, preservative-free formulations, etc

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