Essential Ingredients Creates Water-soluble Salicylic Gel for Skin Care

Essential Ingredients has created a 40% salicylic acid gel that is safe, stable, effective and meets the United States Pharmacopeia's Salicylic Acid Gel Monograph. Curcylic 40 is a patented form of salicylic acid that prevents crystallization.

The salicylic acid is alcohol free and dilutes clear in water. When diluted down to active levels in water or ethanol, the salicylic acid stays in the solution and the pH of the solution is approximately 3.

The salicylic acid can be used: up to 2% for acne, up to 3% for anti-dandruff, at 12-40% for wart removal based on applications, as a beta hydroxy acid for skin exfoliation in cosmetics, at 12-40% for callus/corn removal.

The salicylic acid was shown as a non-irritant. In a semi-occlusive RIPT study of 100 participants, it was shown to be both a non-primary irritant and a non-primary sensitizer to human skin when used at a 3% salicylic acid level.


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