Actives Target Aging Mechanisms in DNA

Seppic has added two antiaging actives to its portfolio that are said to decode the "youth capital code" of cells.

Survicode (INCI: Sodium Cocoyl Alaninate) is said to increase the longevity of the “time” proteins (sirtuins) of the dermal cells and epidermal stem cells for unique regeneration potential. It also restores cell harmony by stimulating dialogue proteins (i.e., improving the communication code) and protects the skin against stresses by stimulating sentinel cells or the cell's defense code.

Timecode (INCI: Palmitoyl Glycine) targets inflammation, a principle component of aging. The skin's dermal structure is reinforced for firmer skin and its circulation is stimulated to produce a more radiant complexion.

Both actives are said to reduce deep, medium and fine wrinkles after six weeks of treatment. Each product has a recommended 1% use level.

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