Dragon Fruit Extract for Antiaging

IBR Ltd. utilized its Dormins technology to produce a dragon fruit extact with age-prevention benefits. IBR-Dragon (INCI: Hylocereus undatus extract) is an aqueous serum from the white pitaya fruit, also known as the dragon fruit. According to the company, dragon fruit grows in dry, tropical climates and thus possesses innate defense mechanisms.

Dormins are natural extracts from plants and plant organs in their dormant stage that are able to slow down cell proliferation, maintain younger healthier skin and provide the means for better skin protection and prevention of hyper proliferative cell disorders. The high level of polysaccharides in the product reportedly help tighten the skin. It is said to: preserve youth, prevent aging, tighten the skin, protect against environmental conditions. For more information,visit www.ibrweb.com.

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