Brown Microalgae-derived Active to Reduce Inflammation

Soliance has developed a potent, soothing, microalgae-derived active in its Marine Biotechnology Center that is said to reduce inflammation in skin. Grevilline (INCI: Water (aqua) (and) Skeletonema costatum extract (and) phenoxyethanol (and) parabens) is extracted from Skeletonema costatum, a brown microalgae widely found in the coastal waters of the Mediterranean, Brittany, Baltic and Caribbean.

According to the company, the limitation of inflammation is becoming one of the major goals of cosmetic products. The company claims that although a wide range of solutions have been proposed to prevent or reduce erythema, none of them are proven to be efficient against a placebo.

The active acts on two key inflammatory mediators to significantly reduce erythema and limit inflammation. It is said to reduce IL8 release and to inhibit phospholipase A2 activation, the enzyme initiating the arachidonic acid cascade.

Clinical tests conducted by the company on a human panel have demonstrated that the active significantly reduces UV-induced erythema in comparison with a placebo. For more information, visit

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