Sederma Targets MicoRNAs to Fade Senescence

Sederma targets microRNAs in its new launch to fade the signs of senescence, thereby reducing the appearance of age. Senestem (INCI: Not Provided) targets the microRNAs to prevent the decline of protein synthesis that worsens with age and is associated with unsightly phenotypic changes.

This micro approach leads to a visible macro embellishment: skin recovers its density, firmness and elasticity, age spots are lightened.

To develop this active ingredient, Sederma incorporated IRB’s HTN technology—an industrial culture method to produce plant active ingredients at the highest level of safety and quality in eco-sustainable conditions. With Senestem, IRB by Sederma offers a high-tech solution to take skin senescence away.

The company applied a cream containing the ingredient, and within one month skin firmness and elasticity were increased by 31% and 22%, respectively. In addition, thickness and density are restored with a calculated youth gain of six years. After 2 months, pigmented age spots were notably lightened with a greater efficiency than on normally pigmented skin. The skin was smoother and an overall youthful appearance was observed.

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