Seppic Introduces Melanin-promoting active for Sunless Tanning

Seppic has introduced an active that encourages skin to produce more melanin for a healthy tan. Sepisun Flash (INCI: Glyceryl Cocoyl Leucinate) was designed to produce a bronzed effect on the skin throughout the year without sun exposure.

In addition to producing a bronze effect on skin without sun exposure, the active is also said to help the skin tan faster with UV exposure to reduce excessive tanning. Also, it was found to prolong the tan long after the summer is over.

The active is available in liquid form, and it meets the current market demand for well-being actives. It is produced with natural raw materials and complies with the 12 principles of green chemistry. The company is in the process of having the active Ecocert-approved. It has clinical efficacy compared to a market benchmark.

The active can be used alone or in association with self tanning actives (dihydroacetone and erythrulose). It can also be used in combination with other pro-pigmenting active ingredients like tyrosine, tyrosine derivatives, vegetable melanin, mineral salts, peptides, proteins, amino acids and/or derivatives, vegetable extracts, algae extracts and derivatives and oils. The active can be used in association with any type of chemical UVA and/or UVB filters and with mineral sunscreens (titanium dioxide or derivatives, zinc oxide or derivatives, etc.). It can be associated to enhance performance with diverse carriers such as synthetic polymers, natural polymers, nonionic emulsifiers, ionic emulsifiers, esters, silicones and derivatives, vegetable oils, mineral oils, synthetic oils, natural gums, foaming surfactants, etc. The active is easily incorporated in all types of face and body formulations and is recommended at 1%.

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