Eye Lift and Lightening Active from Sederma

Sederma has created an active that improves the appearance of the eye area. Beautifeye (INCI: Not Provided) takes a dual-action approach to treat the contour of the eye.

First, it strengthens the dermal structure and increases its contractile properties to lift the top of the eyelid fold and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. Secondly, the active consolidates the microvascular network and reduces pigmentation to reduce puffiness and fade dark circles, respectively.

Clinical studies demonstrated a 61% reduction in the drooping orbital surface and 91% reduction in the fold height after two months of treatment. In addition, it was shown to decrease the volume (up to -34%) and depth (up to -33%) of crow’s feet; and lessen the intensity of red (up to -32%) and blue (up to -30%) coloration in dark circles.

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